Make A Killing Without Ever Coding A Thing Yourself Software Creation Secrets!

How To Make A Killing Without Ever Coding A Thing Yourself Software Creation Secrets!

Mike Cowles returns to share exactly how he’s generated thousands of dollars over and over again creating software that everyone seems to go crazy for. There’s no question that having your own software to sell or use as a list building tool is one of the biggest assets you can have in your business. Mike is going to show you how to get your own without having to code a thing yourself!

This is one of the best ‘Newbie Friendly’ strategies for making massive cash AND building a HUGE list!

Software Creation Secrets

Free Automated List Building While Keeping Them Engaged

In just ONE hour, you’ll discover a TOTALLY Kickbutt unique way to building highly engaged and responsive list for free starting from scratch… you don’t even need an paid autoresponder like Aweber or GetResponse to pull this off!

Whether you are drilling down to become a dominant expert in a micro niche or you are building a larger following to a more mass appeal audience, this method will make it SO easy and effective to stay in the forefront of your audience’s mind.

The best part is we will show you how to set all of this up once and running and your list will continue to get fresh content from you on a regular basis with no additional work required.

This will free up your time to grow your audience, expand your offers and become even more of an expert in your chosen niche.

Be sure to check it out. We look forward to seeing you there.

Free Automated List building

Your Time Is Money

Imagine how this little simple excel work sheet could do wonders for YOUR business.

Now if you really spent your time effectively working on your business rather than working in your business, what would that be worth to you and your business!

How would you like to know the true worth of your time! This is what all the topnotch Internet marketers know and that’s why they make the kind of money they do.

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Rapid Customer List Building Explained

The funnel

OK, here’s a video that explains how this thing works …and how you can use it to generate a hungry, hyper responsive list of customers in a matter of days and at the same time create a list of raving fans that are will to spend their hard earn money in your business.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry keep singing the same song, the money is in the list. List building is a must if you’re looking to generate a steady income online and not rely on the search engines…

The search engines are changing their algorithm all the time and it is a major issue for most honest marketers trying to get traffic from them.

But going back to the money is in the list is a bit of a half truth, here’s what most marketers aren’t telling you, the money isn’t really in the list but rather in the relationship you cultivate with your customers..

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